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TDF (Tyre Derived Fuel)

Tyre-derived fuel (TDF) is composed of shredded scrap tyres. Tyres may be mixed with coal or other fuels, such as wood or chemical wastes, to be burned in concrete kilns, power plants, or paper mills. TDF has a very high energy content, with an average heat value of 15,500 BTUs per 0.45Kg of fuel. This […]
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Rubber Granules

We can Supply Rubber Granules of different sizes ranging from 0-2mm and 2-6mm for usage in different applications like : Athletics Tracks Rubber granules are mixed with the polyurethane binder and then painted to produce running surfaces. The use of recycled rubber provides assistance with impact absorption, increase in performance, and injury reduction. Building Insulation Mixed […]
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Baled Tyres

All the tyres which cannot be used as part worn tyres are put into the waste stream for further processing. We offer Baled Tyres with different size and weights to ensure max load capacity in every container.
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