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Step 1. Collection and transportation

Lakss Asia Pte Limited collects metals and scrap tyres from each retail location, and transports them to a secure tyre recycling processing facility for processing.

Step 2. Sorting

All Scrap are unloaded and sorted by size and composition for processing.

Step 3. Shredding or Baling

Once the Scrap been sorted we do the Shredding or Baling depending on Customers preference.

Step 4. Transportation

Upon Baling or Shredding we export to end users globally.

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Lakss Asia Pte Limited was formed in Singapore to operate with the most modern recycling methods to recycle Metal and Rubber Scrap.


Lakss Asia Pte Limited is equipped with extensive trading experience and been focusing solely on ferrous, non-ferrous and rubber scrap.

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